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From this one place you can book your course, SQA exams and ADR manuals

Our approach is simple: better support; better results.

  • Choose a course format that best suits your learning style: Online or Classroom.
  • If you choose the package that includes exams, we’ll book those for you too.
  • You’ll receive an online pre-course entitled an Introduction to your DGSA Course.
  • Utilise the DGSA Academy Course Workbook that comes with your course.
  • Full day online revision workshops included in the cost of all courses. 

We are the only provider to offer a satisfaction guarantee – should you not pass any of the exams, we will provide additional resources and another revision workshop session, free of charge.

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More Info

Online DGSA Course & Classroom DGSA Course

Discover our simple yet effective approach: better support for better results. Choose between Online and Classroom course formats, with the option to include exam bookings. Our unique satisfaction guarantee ensures additional resources and a free revision workshop if you don’t pass any exams.

Online DGSA Course:

  • Convenient 5-day course from home or workplace.
  • Interactive online classroom experience.
  • Full-day revision workshops included.
  • 1:1 coaching sessions for faster success.

Classroom DGSA Course:

  • Attend in Coventry or virtually.
  • Engage in a distraction-free environment.
  • Benefit from peer-to-peer learning.
  • Satisfaction guarantee for exam results.

Road Map

Your Path to Qualification Success!


Select the type of course
If you select the Complete Package, we’ll take care of your exam bookings and supply the ADR manuals.


Choose your course location
Our classroom courses are held in Coventry. We also offer the same course, online, as a tutor-led virtual classroom.


Select your exam venue(s)
With the Complete Package, we capture all of the information required to make the examination booking with SQA, on your behalf – saving you time and administration costs.


Attend the course
Our courses follow instructional design principles to ensure it is ‘learner-centred’. What this means in practical terms is that we believe in learning by doing.


Revision Workshops
Each learner will be enrolled on to an online exam revision workshop during the course. The workshop is a full day where we complete mock exams for all subjects under exam conditions.


Take the DGSA examinations
Most learners will be required to take three SQA examinations to become a qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (Core, All Classes, Road)


Qualify as a DGSA
Many DGSA’s feel that qualifying is really a milestone more than a destination. We’ll let you know what you could do to continue your professional development. Whether it’s a group, association or even a mailing list. There’s plenty of free information you can utilise to keep your knowledge up to date.


Satisfaction Guarantee
Should you not pass any of the three exams, you can invoke our satisfaction guarantee, whereby we’ll offer another free revision workshop session and provide you with materials in preparation for your resit.


Online DGSA Course Highlights

  • Convenient 5-day course with flexible study options.
  • Engaging online classroom experience with interactive features.
  • Recorded sessions for on-demand revision.
  • 1:1 coaching sessions for faster success.

Classroom DGSA Course Highlights

  • Immersive 5-day course in Coventry.
  • Small group setting with provided lunch and refreshments.
  • Additional online resources for further support.

After Booking the Course

Booking Confirmation:

  • Receive a confirmation with VAT invoice.
  • Welcome email with course tutor introduction.


  • Access online Introduction to DGSA Course and a quiz.
  • Receive pre-course guidance and ADR manuals.

The Course:

  • Intensive 5-day course covering all aspects of DGSA.
  • Online revision workshop included during the course.

Post-Course Revision:

  • Enroll in online exam revision workshop for mock exams.

The Exams:

  • Open-book exams with support from ADR manuals.


Do we need a DGSA?

Most companies involved in the consignment or carriage of dangerous goods by road are legally required to appoint at least one certified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA). Although there are exemptions, these are tightly drawn and access to dangerous goods expertise is still required.

The requirement applies to goods sent by:

Inland waterway
DGSA’s are not expected to monitor procedures related to the carriage of dangerous goods by sea or air. Whilst there isn’t an equivalent ‘DGSA’ for these modes, there are other training requirements which must be complied with.

*DGSA Academy only offers training for the Road examination.

  • You will receive a booking confirmation and VAT invoice.
  • Prior to the course, we’ll email you if you are the learner, to find a little bit about you, the type of job you do and the organisation you work for. We’ll also send you a short quiz to establish what you already know about dangerous goods.
  • Your ADR manuals will be sent to you two weeks before the start of the course.
On the course
  • Whether you have selected the classroom or virtual classroom option, both take 5 days. It is an intensive course, so it is important that you attend each day and turn up on time.
  • Other than that, it is on us to make sure you understand the content and are confident going into the exam
  • As soon as the course finishes, we will send you a link to a mock exam. It is the result of this which we use as the basis for your 1:1 coaching session with your tutor
  • We will also send you additional revision materials which you can use as you see fit – gaps in a learner’s knowledge are as individual as learners themselves, so we help you prepare accordingly
The Exams
  • You need to pass three exams to qualify as a DGSA: Core, All Classes, Road
  • The exams you sit are ‘open-book’. You use the ADR manuals (and other texts) to answer the questions presented
  • You don’t need to remember what is in ADR; it’s more a test of how to find the correct information

Ordering our course, or complete package is simple. 

  1. Select: Course, exams and ADR manuals
  2. Choose the Online or Classroom course for the dates you want to attend
  3. It will then open up the exam venues: select a first and second choice exam venue. The exam venues can change each quarter.
  4. It will open up the next section and ask you for the learner’s information – we need all this to book the exam with SQA (the exam body). Keep all the ‘subjects’ ticked.
  5. The details you will need are:
    • Full name
    • Contact email
    • Tel. No.
    • Date of birth
    • Nationality
  6. Whether extending their certificate (renewing). Don’t worry about the exam certificate number if you haven’t got it.
  7. At the end, select the payment option for you.
  8. If you are paying by Invoice/BACS – Tick the box and Place Order
  9. We will do everything else from that point including: managing the exam enrolments, joining instructions and pre-course information.

Once you’ve completed the form, we will get on and book the exams. 

The next step will be us sending a test session out for you to join. This is just to check that he can access the virtual classroom without any technical/IT security issues. This usually runs 2-3 weeks before the course date to check everything works for you technically on the day.

The abbreviation ‘DGSA’ means Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser


The full responsibilities are listed in ADR (chapter It is worth reading the chapter, in full, as part of your study (if you’re a learner), or as part of a role specification (if you’re an employer).

A summary of the responsibilities include:

  • monitoring compliance with the requirements governing the carriage of dangerous goods
  • advising the undertaking on the carriage of dangerous goods
  • preparing an annual report on the activities of the undertaking in transporting dangerous goods (kept for 5 years)
  • implementation of emergency procedures in the event of any accident or incident involving dangerous goods
  • investigating any accidents or infringements of regulations and preparing reports
  • monitoring the provision of training and advice to other staff
  • reporting of incidents and accidents to the Department for Transport (DfT)