About Us

TDG INTERNATIONAL LTD is set up with the purpose of providing education and training courses in the following areas:

  • Dangerous Goods Training including:
  • Air Training Courses including Multimodal Air, Road and Seas; Dangerous Goods by Air; The Carriage of lithium batteries by air; dangerous goods by air radioactive materials;
  • Road Training Course including Dangerous Goods safety adviser; Dangerous goods by road and sea initial certificate course; Multimodal Air, Road and Sea;
  • Sea Training Courses including Dangerous Goods by Road and Sea Initial Certificate Course; Dangerous Goods by Sea Top-up Course; Multimodal Air, Road and Sea Course.
  • Dangerous Goods Essentials;
  • Rail Dangerous Goods Training Course including Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser;
  • ADR Driver Training Courses including Basic, Tanks, Explosives and Radioactive
  • Dangerous Goods Awareness Training.


  • Our mission

Our mission is to provide comprehensive dangerous goods training courses, especially for the carriage of dangerous goods by road, seas and air.

  • Our vision

Our vision is not just a service provider for the client, but rather to become the client’s partner in navigating the complexities of regulatory compliance for transporting hazardous materials by road, air, and sea. Our team, enriched with extensive experience and insights, delivers bespoke training, consultancy, and auditing services, each tailored to your specific operational needs.

  • Our values

Our key values of the business are:

  • Maintaining professionality;
  • Developing trust between us and our clients;
  • Attention to detail is key in every matter;
  • Innovative and responsive to every change.